What Key Features Should Be In Your Dash CameraA dash camera provides unique and a detailed surveillance of your vehicle. Thus, it keeps you safe from careless drivers and road hazards. The camera also keeps you safe from scam artists who back their cars only to claim that you rear-ended them.

Key Features of Dash Camera

Before buying a dash camera, it is important for you to be aware of the features that it comprises of. This will help you in securing an effective camera able to pick all details on the road. Here are some features:

1) Loop Recording Feature

What Key Features Should Be In Your Dash CameraIt takes on the look and functioning of the other surveillance camera’s loop recording feature. It records all the information on what a car goes through on the road. This feature is unique in that, it continues with recording even after the memory capacity has been fully met. Therefore, a driver can be safe all along without any fear. It also records videos in segments ranging from 2 to 5 minutes. Thus, if one video becomes corrupted, the others remain safe.

2) G-force Sensors

Changes of velocity and acceleration of the car have no impact on the video. The G-force sensors safeguard the footage during instances where abrupt or sudden movement is done. Thus, during collisions or other accidents, footage will be automatically saved and safeguarded without any case of overwriting it.

3) SD Memory Card

Images and videos are recorded and saved on the SD Memory Card inside the dash camera. However, loop recording is normally associated with limitation in space capacity. Thus, a perfect SD Memory Card should be from class 6 and above. This will not limit you to minimum recording space.

4) Parking Mode

Parking mode is automatically turned on after the car has topped or has been parked. After parking your vehicle, you may not be around in order to overlook on it. Thus, the camera acts as the eye while you are away. It records everything that happens around your car. In case of scraping or bumping, the camera will record videos and images of the incidence.

5) Auto-On and Auto-Off

What Key Features Should Be In Your Dash CameraA dash camera is turned on after you start your car. It is also turned off when you turn off your car. With this feature, you do not have to turn your camera on or off before driving or parking respectively. After parking your car, the camera tunes to parking mode which is also effective in recording what is happening around your car.

6) Auto-Record

Many dash cameras start recording automatically once the car is turned on. Others detect the car motion in order to start recording. All these cameras are safe and effective in recording what may happen to your vehicle during driving or parking.

7) Image Correction

This feature makes all images and videos which are recorded clear. These include: high-contrast imagery, night shots, and low-light footage. As a result, you can be able to note all the necessary details during the videos or images playback.


Dash cameras are made like the other cameras. Thus, they also have features such as LCD screen, processor, image sensor, and camera lens. They also function in an almost the same manner. However, dash cameras are designed to take videos and images in different levels of motions. They are also designed to act and change automatically depending on the situation on road. Be sure to check these features before buying a dash camera.