Before the introduction of dual flush toilets, people were used to using single flush toilets at home. Single and dual flush toilets are different in their functionality as well as water usage. Thus, knowing the difference between these two types of toilets is important.

Single Flush Toilet and Its Functions

Dual Flush Toilet VS Single Flush ToiletSingle flush toilets are more common in the older homes than the newer ones. They were invented earlier than the dual flush toilets. A single flush toilet is ranked as one of the highest water consuming systems at home. It uses an average of 10 gallons of water per day. For more information about flushing toilets see this article over at the unbeatable toilet guide.

Individuals usually prefer using PVC bags in order to reduce the amount of water that is held inside the cistern. This, in turn, reduces the amount of water that is used by the single flush toilet per day. A cistern converter is also efficient in controlling the amount of water used by this toilet.

With single flush toilets, a flush is usually rated at 1.28 gpf. This makes them to be easily operated by users with less confusion. Single flush toilets are designed to flush any type of waste with the similar flush-mode.

Dual Flush Toilet and Its Functions

Dual Flush Toilet VS Single Flush ToiletOn the other hand, dual flush toilets are common in the recent homes. They are associated with less usage of water than the single flush toilets. These toilets were invented in the recent past and, thus, they are installed in many new homes.

Dual flush toilet has a different flush-mode for urine and a different one for feces and solid waste. These include: half flush and full flush modes. At the same time, dual flush toilet has different water consumption mode which depends on the flush-mode used.

Half flush uses a maximum of 3 liters of water while full flush uses 6 liters of water. Thus, a dual flush toilet more water efficient than a single flush toilet. However, operating a dual flush toilet is somewhat complicated than a single flush toilet.

Which Toilet Is The Best for Your Home?

Dual Flush Toilet VS Single Flush ToiletA water efficient toilet is likely to be more suitable for home purposes. It cuts down the water usage at home as well as the energy bills for a household. A dual flush toilet has two flush modes.

These modes are designed to flush liquid and solid wastes. Naturally, short calls tend to be more frequent than long calls. Thus, using a dual flush toilet will help you in minimizing water bills at home.

Dual flush toilets are effective in enhancing water conservation. They reduce the amount of water used at home for toilet purposes. Therefore, a home can conserve the excess water for use during water shortage periods or dry seasons.


Dual flush toilet may be more expensive to install that a single flush toilet. At the same time, it may result to confusion during use especially to children or to visitors. However, the advantages of a dual flush toilet in conserving water and cutting down household’s expenses cannot be underrated. Therefore, in the present times, a dual flush toilet can be raked higher than the single flush toilet.