Useful Tips to Repair a Water Softener

Useful Tips to Repair a Water SoftenerA water softener works to remove the hardness minerals from the water. These minerals are collected through the brine tank into the resin tank and then drained away. This process may be affected by prolonged power outage or change in water hardness and in some cases you can install a faucet water filter for this process, you can learn more about that in this article.

Before you consider repairing the water softener, check its normal settings and the water hardness results. In case you get hard water from your softener even when the timer clock and hardness settings are working correctly, you may need to repair it.

Repairing a Water Softener

1) Clean-up the Brine/Salt Tank

Salt deposition into the brine tank results to formation of crust. This deposition can be as a result of too much and infrequent addition of salt. This salt prevents the water passage into the resin tank. Eventually, this blockage affects the flow of water through the softener.

You can use a broomstick to break the salt crust in the brine tank. The stick is used to hit and break the crust in order to dispose it easily. After disposing the salt, wash the tank using soap and water. The tank should be washed thoroughly so as to remove all the sediments and salt residues. Also, rinse the tank well with a lot of water before fitting it back into its position.

2) Clean the Resin Bed

Useful Tips to Repair a Water SoftenerThe resin bed should be cleaned at least two times annually. The tank is designed to hold the water loaded with calcium, magnesium, and other impurities from the water. The accumulation of such elements may block and clog the tank input and output points.

Resin bed cleaner is essential in this task. However, you may need to have clear water iron in order to use resin bed cleaner effectively. A clear water iron checks the hardness of water from the resin tank. If the water does not turn rusty or cloudy, then the resin tank has been effectively cleaned.

3) Check and Clean Venturi Assembly

This point connects the brine tank to the resin tank. Thus, it provides a way for the water loaded with hardness elements and impurities. However, this point is highly susceptible to clogging as a result of deposition of sediment on its screen and nozzles.

Blockage of this point may prevent residues from passing to the resin tank. As a result, water may remain hard despite passing over the water softener. Cleaning up this point clears the way to the resin tank thus reducing pressure on the water softener.

4) Fit a New Valve to the Control Head

An old valve may prevent easy flow of water across the water softener. The valve is the main control point of the water softener. If the valve is faulty, it might not be possible for the water softener to function effectively. When replacing it, shut water off at the connection point, disconnect the previous valve, and fit the new one into position.

5) Check the Functionality of Other Parts

Ensure that all the other parts are functioning as required of them. These include: the hose pipe connecting water softener to the brine tank, manifold tube, and the main control head. If all these parts are functioning correctly after repair, your water softener will resume its proper working condition.


A water softener is the main determinant of the quality of water in your household or enterprise. Before repairing it, you may run hot water in order to flush any present hard water. Also, you may take a sample of water to a water softener dealer and run a water hardness test. This will help you in confirming the fault in your water softener.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Air Compressor at Home


Reasons Why You Should Have Air Compressor at HomeAir compressor helps in withdrawing moisture from the air. It does this through lowering the temperature of air up to appoint where all the water vapor in the air is condensed back to water. Then, the air is warmed and passed through channels which are free from water or vapor. The compressed air is essential in industries and at home as well.

Air Compressor at Your Home

Air compressors consolidate or compress air inside a tank. The compressed air has a lot of benefits at home. However, without an air compressor, it is impossible for you to enjoy such benefits. The following are

1) Air Compressor provides Air for Cleaning Purpose

Compressed air has a lot of pressure. Thus, it can be able used to blow and clear dust, fur, or other small particles from surfaces. Mostly, individuals consider using compressed air to clean items or surfaces which cannot be reached by other means.

Compressed air can be used to blow dust from small openings and cracks. Items such as refrigerator, TV, radio systems, roofs, interior of a gun, and others which should not be cleaned using water can be easily cleaned using compressed air. This air blows the dirt using pressure making the surfaces clean and dust free. Read more about the top air compressors over at and read their complete air compressor comparison guide.

2) It Can Be Used To Improve the Quality of Air

Reasons Why You Should Have Air Compressor at HomeAir compressor is effective in drying air through removal of water vapor. This is essential in areas where air contains high amount of water vapor, for example, near oceans or other water bodies.

An air compressor warms and dries the air inside a house. It draws the air with moisture content, dries it by removing the moisture, and then releases the air into a house or a room. This improves the quality of air which individuals should use for breathing.

Properly dried air has a lot of health benefits. It limits the susceptibility of contracting various diseases and conditions. It also reduces the severity of other diseases and conditions. Individuals who are managing conditions such as asthma, allergies, sinus, or other conditions may find use of air compressors at their home suitable for their health.

3) Compressed Air can also be Used in Many Other Household Purposes

Compressed air from an air compressor is useful in various purposes at home. It can be used to pump car or bicycle tires. Thus, it can help you to easily repair your flat tire at home. At the same time, compressed air is used in to fill pressure to ammunition. These include: handguns, paintball guns, BB guns, and also pellets. Then you can use it to power various power tools such as paint sprayers (see this guide) or even air tools like air nailers and other tools like air impact wrenches, learn more here, that are work very well with an air compressor.

This enables you to enjoy playing games such as paintball at home. It also enhances you to perform functions such as hunting using your handgun. Compressed air is also used in pneumatic. This involves powering tools which are used in purposes such as spraying paints or nail guns.


Having an air compressor at home enhances you to perform numerous tasks easily. At the same time, an air compressor is essential for your health. Having knowledge on what you can do with compressed air at home, you can now easily weigh up on whether to buy one or not.

Usage of Air Conditioner: Benefits and Side Effects


Usage of Air Conditioner: Benefits and Side EffectsAir conditioners have become rampant in the recent past. The use of air conditioner has run from being a luxury into being a necessity. This has been as a result of the condition of air in the atmosphere after too much pollution. There is also the option to go for a ceiling fan which circulated the air to cool a room or heat up rooms when they get cold. Some ceiling fans even offer decor such as lights to make your room stand out. To learn more about ceiling fans with lights read here.

Air conditioners improve the quality of air inside a room. This is essential in eliminating any possibility of spreading and contracting airborne diseases. It also limits the chances of severity of diseases and conditions such as asthma and allergies.

Air conditioners are used in rooms or in houses where there is a possibility of congestion of people. They are also useful in areas where there is limited entry of fresh air. In such areas, they enhance the flow of air inside a room. Nowadays, air conditioners are also fitted in vehicles, planes, and trains in order to regulate the quality of air inside.

Benefits of Using Air Conditioners

Usage of Air Conditioner: Benefits and Side EffectsAir conditioners are essential in boosting the flow of air inside a house or a room. Thus, they usually make the air fresh and healthy. Therefore, using an air conditioner has a lot of benefits. These benefits include:

1) Prevents Heatstroke and Dehydration

Dehydration and heatstroke can be resulted by excessive heat. This is common in places which are congested by many people such as churches. It is also common in places where a lot of machines and other systems are working such as the industries. Using air conditioner creates a platform for exchange of hot air with cool air. This prevents loss of water and heatstroke.

2) Improves Air Quality thus Reducing Risks of Diseases and Conditions

Air conditioners are effective in removing odors, humidity, dust, allergens, fumes, insecticides, and pollen particles. This makes the air fresh and healthy. In such a place, the risk of diseases and conditions such as asthma, sinus, temperature stress, and allergic conditions is minimized. It also limits the growth of mold and mildew.

3) Improves Productivity

During the winter season, the air is usually cool and fresh. However, the cold weather renders many individuals to be inactive. During summer, the weather is friendly and favorable for outside activities. But the temperatures are too high and unfavorable. Use of air conditioners creates conducive environment for working. This boosts productivity.

Side Effects of Using Air Conditioners

Usage of Air Conditioner: Benefits and Side Effects1) Breathing Problems

According to a research by Louisiana State Medical Center, vehicles fitted with air conditioners are associated with presence of circulating bacteria and also germs. This increases chances of breathing difficulties and spread of diseases. Air conditioners are known for spreading Legionnaire’s Disease.

2) Results to Dry Skin

Constant flow of air inside a room may remove the moisture on your skin. This is associated with air conditioners which are designed to dehumidify rooms. As a result, your skin may run dry within a short period of time.

3) Inability to Live or Spend Time in Places with Heat

Working or spending a lot of your time in places with air conditioners may affect you in the long run. Eventually, you become intolerant to heat and high temperatures. Once in hot areas, one easily becomes stressed, fatigued, worn-out, and unproductive.


Air conditioners are important in enhancing easy flow of air inside a room. They also supply more air in congested places. However, one should remain informed about their side effects. They may result to contraction of other diseases while preventing others. Nonetheless, air conditioners should be used as long as one has the knowledge on their side effects.

Dual Flush Toilet VS Single Flush Toilet: Which Is the Best?


Before the introduction of dual flush toilets, people were used to using single flush toilets at home. Single and dual flush toilets are different in their functionality as well as water usage. Thus, knowing the difference between these two types of toilets is important.

Single Flush Toilet and Its Functions

Dual Flush Toilet VS Single Flush ToiletSingle flush toilets are more common in the older homes than the newer ones. They were invented earlier than the dual flush toilets. A single flush toilet is ranked as one of the highest water consuming systems at home. It uses an average of 10 gallons of water per day. For more information about flushing toilets see this article over at the unbeatable toilet guide.

Individuals usually prefer using PVC bags in order to reduce the amount of water that is held inside the cistern. This, in turn, reduces the amount of water that is used by the single flush toilet per day. A cistern converter is also efficient in controlling the amount of water used by this toilet.

With single flush toilets, a flush is usually rated at 1.28 gpf. This makes them to be easily operated by users with less confusion. Single flush toilets are designed to flush any type of waste with the similar flush-mode.

Dual Flush Toilet and Its Functions

Dual Flush Toilet VS Single Flush ToiletOn the other hand, dual flush toilets are common in the recent homes. They are associated with less usage of water than the single flush toilets. These toilets were invented in the recent past and, thus, they are installed in many new homes.

Dual flush toilet has a different flush-mode for urine and a different one for feces and solid waste. These include: half flush and full flush modes. At the same time, dual flush toilet has different water consumption mode which depends on the flush-mode used.

Half flush uses a maximum of 3 liters of water while full flush uses 6 liters of water. Thus, a dual flush toilet more water efficient than a single flush toilet. However, operating a dual flush toilet is somewhat complicated than a single flush toilet.

Which Toilet Is The Best for Your Home?

Dual Flush Toilet VS Single Flush ToiletA water efficient toilet is likely to be more suitable for home purposes. It cuts down the water usage at home as well as the energy bills for a household. A dual flush toilet has two flush modes.

These modes are designed to flush liquid and solid wastes. Naturally, short calls tend to be more frequent than long calls. Thus, using a dual flush toilet will help you in minimizing water bills at home.

Dual flush toilets are effective in enhancing water conservation. They reduce the amount of water used at home for toilet purposes. Therefore, a home can conserve the excess water for use during water shortage periods or dry seasons.


Dual flush toilet may be more expensive to install that a single flush toilet. At the same time, it may result to confusion during use especially to children or to visitors. However, the advantages of a dual flush toilet in conserving water and cutting down household’s expenses cannot be underrated. Therefore, in the present times, a dual flush toilet can be raked higher than the single flush toilet.